LING 607

LING 607 Topics in Psycholinguistics

Acquisition of Variation

Dr. Kathryn Schuler (likes to be called Katie)
Mondays, 2:30-4:30pm Online

Course description

In this seminar, we’ll read papers and discuss children’s aquisition of variation. We’ll focus specifically on what we know about how children acquire variation and what factors lead children to change variation rather than acquire it (e.g. regularization). Topics will include acquisition of sociolinguistic variation, age of acquisition of particular variables, whether/when children ues language as an social index, children’s acquisition of pidgin and creole languages, children acquiring language from non-native speakers (e.g. deaf children born to hearing parents or late-learning signers), and more.




Typical week

Getting help

The best way to get help is to ask a question on basecamp. You can @mention Katie privately via a ping, ask a question for everyone in the campfire (chat), or ask questions right on documents. You can ask questions about papers and discuss them via Perusall.