LING 607


Class meets online via Zoom Mondays from 2:30-4:30pm EST

Date Topic Special guest
Jan 25 Welcome & overview  
Feb 1 Acquiring pidgin and creole languages with Dr. Gillian Sankoff
Feb 8 Emerging sign langauges with Dr. Ann Senghas
Feb 15 Acquiring ASL from inconsistent input with Dr. Elissa Newport
Feb 22 Learning from inconsistent input in the lab with Dr. Carla Hudson Kam
Mar 1 Children’s acquisition of the constraints on variation with Dr. Jennifer Smith
Mar 8 Variable input and the acquisition of plural morphology with Dr. Karen Miller
Mar 15 No class, individual meetings about projects  
Mar 22 Research Project Proposal Prep Specific aims due Friday
Mar 29 Acquring third person singular -s  
Apr 5 Sex and SES differences in children’s variable use  
Apr 12 No class, engagement day  
Apr 19 Acquisition of variation in the lab and in natural language Proposal draft due Monday
Apr 26 Mock study section Written critques due Monday (class time)
May 3 No class, reading period  
May 10 No class, finals week Response to reviewers due Monday