The Child Language Lab


We’re a small team of researchers in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. We’re proud members of mindCORE (Penn’s hub for the integrative study of the mind), the Penn Child Development Labs, and the Social and Cultural Evolution Working Group at Penn.

Kathryn Schuler, PhD
PI, Assistant Professor
Ariel Mathis
Research Coordinator
Yiran Chen
Graduate Student
Daoxin Li
Graduate Student
Ollie Sayeed
Graduate Student
Stefan Pophristic
Research Assistant
Annalise Kendrick
Research Assistant
Iris Zhong
Research Assistant
Ania Alberski
Independent Study
Victoria Grzesiak
Artist / Illustrator

Friends & Collaborators

Collaborators past and present: include Ava Irani, Charles Yang, Elissa Newport, Richard Aslin, Patricia Reeder, Alison Austin, Peter Turkeltaub, Mackenzie Fama, and Amy Booth.

Artists: Kate Merrihew created our logo.

Join our team

Postdocs: Interested postdocs should email Katie and apply to the Integrative Language Science and Technology (ILST) postdoc or the mindCORE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

Graduate students: Prospective graduate students should email Katie and apply to the Linguistics program at the University of Pennsylvania. Applications are due in early December.

Undergraduates: Penn students interested in working in the lab during the Academic year should email Katie to express interest. We are not accepting new students in Spring or Summer 2020. Check back in Fall 2020 for openings.